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Making A Difference


Recently, Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota (HFH-MN) partnered with Wilder Research to conduct a statewide study of Habitat homeowners and the impact of owning their own home has had on them. Some of the highlighted results from the study can be found below. The full results from the study can be found on the HFH-MN’s website by clicking here.


Over 400 Habitat homeowners from across Minnesota took part in the study, answering questions dealing with their thoughts on their quality of live since moving into their homes. The questions dealt with safety, health, education, financial stability, community, family, and hope.



· Over 90% of homeowners feel safe in their homes.

· About 80% feel safer than they were in their previous homes. A similar percentage feel that their children are now safer.



· Of the homeowners who have a family member with respiratory illnesses, 57% said they improved after moving into their Habitat home.



· Over half of homeowners with children said their children’s grades improved after moving into their Habitat homes. Almost 2/3 said their study habits improved.

· About 2/3 of the homeowners with children feel more confident about their ability to fund their children’s college education.

· In 92% of Habitat homeowners, at least one adult (either the homeowner or another family member) started or completed, or plans to start, higher education or training programs after moving in.



· Over half of homeowners said they have more money since moving into their Habitat home. Almost 40% said they pay less in housing costs.

· Use of every type of government assistance programs, except disability, declined by at least 15%.

· The cost-benefit analysis indicates that the 2,200 Habitat homeowners in Minnesota could be using between $6.4 and $9.3 million less in government assistance programs annually.



· Over 80% of  homeowners reported they feel connected to their community, and over half said they participate more in community activities.

· 2/3 of families said their children spend more time with their friends and classmates.



· 70% of homeowners said they spend more time with their families.

· 90% of homeowners said they feel better about their children’s future.



· 92% of homeowners said their lives were better since moving into their home. Of those 92%, 89% said they attributed that positive change either “completely” or “a lot” to Habitat.


"Everyone at Habitat has been so supportive, caring and helpful. It really makes you feel like you are a great person and deserve this great opportunity to build a better life for yourself.  I hope they, and everyone in the program know how much I appreciate their help.  Without your help none of this would have been possible.” - Alice Peton, 2015 Homeowner


"Habitat for Humanity's faith and passion to help others, has made it easier for me to realize there is more than just hope for a brighter future, that you can always create a brighter future for yourself. I was very scared about the direction my life was going. I questioned if I was ever going to be able to have suitable housing for my family. My family had to bounce around from apartment to apartment searching for affordable housing that met our needs. I constantly wondered if we would ever have a place to call home. And then Habitat for Humanity came accoss our path and gave me a fresh start to make that happen."- Manley Family, 2012 Homeowner


"We never thought our lives would have changed this much. Habitat for Humanity gave us a fresh start for our family.”- Paschke Family, 2011 homeowners