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HOME: #75 The Dow Family

Location: Virginia

Date Started: April 26, 2016

Date Complete: October 27, 2016



Meet the Dow Famiy - Stan, Aliisa, Skye (age 16) and Eden (age 12). 

Stan and Aliisa have been renting and caring for the same house over the past nine years.  They were receiving Section 8 support, but their income has increased to the point that they no longer qualify.   Now they cannot afford the rent, but also cannot afford to purchase a home through a regular mortgage.  The house they are renting, despite their work at upkeep, has issues that makes it unsuitable for them and their two daughters, Sky and Eden.  They are deeply excited about the opportunity to partner with Habitat and are delighted with the house we will be rehabilitating with them.

NSLCHFH received their home as a donation; there had been a fire in the basement, but the structure was good.  With help from community groups, such as the staff of Kiewit Infrastructure, Barr Engineering, United Taconite, the Voyageurs’ Outward Bound School and a core group of “regulars”, the Dow house was gutted and a new floor installed.  The interior has been reconfigured for the family’s needs.

Thank You Drawing: Designed and submitted by Eden Dow. 


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