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HOME: #67 The Tupa Family

Location: Hibbing

Date Started: September 19, 2014

Date Complete: May 11, 2015


The ground breaking for April Tupa’s new home was held on September 19, 2014. April’s new home is being built in the Brooklyn Block of Hibbing, MN. There are currently 6 other homes that have been built on the same block and the 8th home is being planned for 2015 building season.

April’s home is being built in partnership with the Hibbing and Chisholm High Schools. The student have been using April's new home as their classroom this year. The students have learned how to do everything from framing to finishing trim on a home. 

This has been a partnership since 2008 and 8 home have been built. At least one more home is planned with this partnership. 

Currently the students are working on putting the finishing touches on the home. And once the home is complete, the landscaping will be done. 


April's home dedication was held  on Monday, May 11, 2015. Welcom home Tupa family!