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HOME: #59 The Larsen Family

Location: Virginia

Date Started: September 15, 2013

Date Complete: June 20, 2014

Waynette Larsen has an amazing amount of perseverance and determination. She has struggled living in an apartment with her two teenage sons, Logan and Levi Niemi, for the past 3 years. Her family is extremely crowded in their small apartment and it is hard to get ahead, any time she earns more money her rent increases. Waynette is concerned on the negative impact of the apartment atmosphere on her sons. They are surrounded by peer pressure and crime. The cops frequent her apartment complex, leaving Waynette and her family scared in their own home.

Waynette has applied for a Habitat home 4 times in the past four years, each time being turned away with suggestions to qualify the next time. In October of 2012 she received the phone call saying she was selected as one of Habitat for Humanities partner families for the 2013 building season.  Construction on her house will start in September of 2013 in Virginia.

Waynette is excited for a place to call home. Her boys will “have a secure place with chores, structure, and a better living environment” It will be a brighter future for the rest of their lives knowing they have a safe place to call home and no one can take that from them.