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HOME: #61 The Hansen Family

Location: Virginia

Date Started: September 15, 2013

Date Complete: March 01, 2014

This home is scheduled to begin in September of 2013. It will be located on 12th Ave in Virginia. 

Gail's story in her own words: I applied for Habitat for Humanity because I am living in a very small two bedroom apartment with my niece and two daughters. I gained long term legal custody of my niece this past fall. I have gone through many obstacles and many road blocks while trying to get a house for my family. Habitat is willing to give my family a chance to have a nice house for my children to grow up in. I would like to buy a home so that my children can feel secure, and be raised in the same place rather than moving all the time to try and find a better neighborhood and house.  I am very excited to have a new start in a new home. I think habitat is a blessing for me and my girls and we are very appreciative to get a chance for a good home! Thank you!