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HOME: #56 The Johnson Family

Location: Hibbing

Date Started: June 01, 2013

Date Complete: January 01, 2014

This home slated to begin in the spring of 2013, will join four others currently built in the Brooklyn area of Hibbing. Eventually there will be eight Habitat homes located in this area. 

Margaret Johnson a proud mother of five, is ready to move into her own home with four of her sons. Michael Hiapis, Scott Hiapis, James Hiapis, and Jessie Johnson, are excited to move from their two story apartment into a single level home. James was born with Spina Bifida, and is in a wheelchair. He must crawl up the stairs to take a bath in their current living situation; a single story home will help him immensely.

Marge has lived all over the range from Ely to Hibbing, in apartments and trailer parks. She is excited to move into her own home where she will have a yard and be able to have a grill. One of the things she is looking forward to the most is having her own washer and dryer.  She is also looking forward to having more chores for her sons to be able to help with.