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HOME: #51 The Manley Family

Location: Eveleth

Date Started: September 17, 2012

Date Complete: August 31, 2013


The 6th ground breaking ceremony for the 2012 Building season was held on September 17, 2012.  This home, in partnership with Meagan Manley is being built with volunteer labor from the Mesabi Community and Technical College's Second Year Carpentry Class.  The home is being sponsored by donations from our local community including many businesses, churches and individual donors.  A sponsorship by the Wells Fargo Foundation is also providing funds for building materials.

Megan Manley is the loving mother of two wonderful children, Alexis (8) and Hailey (7). Currently, the family is renting a house in West Eveleth, MN.  They have had to move many times in the past because of hardships the family has faced. One of the challenges for Megan has been finding a place to live that accommodates a wheel chair, which Alexis uses because of her Cerebral Palsy. Alexis loves to play with Hailey and her friends but has to rely on others to carry her up and down stairs and move around the house. 

The needs of her family are not being met in their current living situation. Tight doorways, lack of space, steep stairs, excessively high utility costs, and more all quickly became problems rather than solutions.  The challenges of inadequate housing for her and her family drove Megan to seek out Habitat for Humanity and put in an application. Megan began building her home in September of 2012 and was finished in August of 2013