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HOME: #55 The Peterson Family

Location: Virginia

Date Started: September 11, 2012

Date Complete: August 31, 2013

The Peterson Home is being built in partnership with the Virginia High School's Building Construction Class with students from both Virginia and Eveleth High Schools.  The on site learning experience for the students is made possible through the Applied Learning Institute.  Students will use the home building project as their "class room" from September 2012 through the projects completion date of May 2013.  This will also be supported by community volunteers!  To volunteer on this home give us a call at the office and/or sign up for our email updates.

Renee's story in her own words: I am currently living in a 550 sq foot two bedroom home with my fiancé Jonathan and our two children Connor, 12 and Trinaty, 9. In our current home there is a leak in the basement that we have tried to fix with no avail, which has caused a lot of mold. What I am looking forward to most is being able to provide a healthy environment for my family and our own space to grown in. Due to the size of our current home we have never had a kitchen table to be able to sit down as a family and enjoy our dinner together. This is something I have looked forward to the most. I cannot wait to sit as a family at our kitchen table and share stories of our day and enjoy each other. We have been honored to be chosen as a family to work with such an amazing organization and an outstanding group of volunteers. God Bless you all!

Photo:  Renee Peterson and her family at the September 11, 2012 ground breaking along with the Building Construction Class Students, Representatives from Mesabi College, Virginia and Eveleth High Schools, and funding partners from US Bank.

Funding for this home is provided by community businesses, churches, individuals as well as the US Bank Corp Foundation and St. Louis County's Community Development Block Grant Program.  The home was donated to Habitat for Humanity to be remodled by a caring family in the community.