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HOME: #48: The Mattila Family

Location: Mt Iron

Date Started: September 12, 2011

Date Complete: May 31, 2012

This home was being built in partnership with the Mattila family, the Mesabi Range Community and Technical College and the USDA 502 program.

I will always remember the day my family moved to Minnesota. It was the summer I turned 10 years old. I remember seeing the Mt Iron water tower and being so excited to know we had made it. My grandparents’ house was very close!

I applied for Habitat for Humanity because of the high utility costs we had in the house we were renting. My family chose to partner with Habitat and I felt this was a huge blessing for us. However, this was just the beginning. When we pulled up to see our lot, I couldn’t do anything but smile – it was right next door to my grandma! My grandpa passed away two years ago but I know he was watching down on us that day.

People always say that God works in mysterious ways; this is what He had planned for us. I feel truly blessed. Words could never explain how grateful I am. I could say thank you every minute of every day. Most importantly I have learned to share the love of God.

Thank you all! Many Blessings,

Jessi Mattila