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HOME: #27: The Masieniec Family

Location: Chisholm

Date Started: June 11, 2007

Date Complete: February 29, 2008

Many thanks go out to the wonderful volunteers, donors and partners who made this project a reality. Harold Wentland and Jim Behr helped to lead the project, Olympic Framers, Stinchfield Construction, UPS, Oh No Eighteen, US Steel, Chisholm Baptist Church, were a few of the groups that helped to advance the project along with countless individuals. Lowe's of Hibbing was also a sponsor, providing volunteers and a grant for $15,000 to buy building materials. The City of Chisholm and St. Louis County also greatly assisted in helping to aquire the land for this project.

Thank you for helping us partner with the Masieneic family to build another affordable home in the community of Chisholm.