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HOME: #24: The Swanson Family

Location: Tower

Date Started: August 28, 2006

Date Complete: December 01, 2006

The Tower volunteer team did a wonderful job this year in finishing this home in a record breaking 67 days! Each person that worked on this home is greatly apprechiated. You have made a difference in the community and in the Swanson's lives.

"Our family would like to thank each and every person who came together in the building of a new home for our family. Words could hardly describe the deep levels of gratitude and hope I have in seeing people putting their hearts into building me and my children a new beginning and safe place to live.

Every good night sleep knowing my kids are safe, every Christmas sitting around the Christmas tree, or special moment will be shared with every kind person who reached out to us either directly or anonymously. You have touched our lives, you have touched my kid’s lives, you have given me new strength and hope and you have made a difference!"


Troy, Sydney, and Jake Swanson