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HOME: #99: The Satterwhite Family

Location: Ely

Date Started: July 01, 2020

Date Complete: May 26, 2021


Brittany Satterwhite along with her three girls Kiersten (age 6), Claire (age 5) and Kaitlyn (age 2) are rehabbing a home in Ely.  When asked what HOME means to them, this is what they said: 

Brittany:  HOME means a safe place. A place that I can raise my children. A place that I can take pride in because I’ve worked hard to build it up and make it what it is. Having a HOME means I no longer have to worry about when I’ll have to move next and my children can build roots.  Kiersten: I'm happy to have a bed to sleep in, toys to play with, food to eat and I love my mommy. That's what home means to me.  Claire: A place to keep all my toys that I love and be with my momma.  Kaitlyn: We stay home and play and go to bed.











Ground Breaking Celebration

Before Home Tour

Home Dedication

After Home Tour

Brittany purchased her home in May, 2021.


Interested in getting more involved with North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity?  Click HERE for more information.