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HOME: #93 The Strand Family

Location: Eveleth

Date Started: June 01, 2019

Date Complete: July 24, 2020


Meet the Strand Family!  Amber and her son, Austin (age 5) are building in West Eveleth.   

Amber is not only looking forward to having a home in which she can build equity and that will be energy efficient to heat and cool, but also to having sufficient space for energetic Austin to run and play.  When Amber found out she had been selected to partner with Habitat, she “was extremely excited.  It was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders!”  As for Austin, it is “awesome we get our own house!

Photos:  Excavation Work.  Walls Going Up.  Home as of 8/29/19.  Home as of 6/9/2020.















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