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HOME: #91 The Edstrom Family

Location: Biwabik

Date Started: October 01, 2018

Date Complete: November 01, 2019


Kristine Edstrom and her boys, DaJuan (age 9) and Damari (age 1) are one of our 2019 partner familes!  They are building a new home in Biwabik.  Welcome to the Habitat Family!

Upon finding out they had been accepted into the homeownership program, Kristine shared with us, "My son, DaJuan, had the best reaction, he was so happy to know that he would have a door on his bedroom.  I cried…it has been a long time since something positive has happened to my family.  It brought more hope for future.”

Photos:  The Mesabi Range College Carpentry class, along with their instructor Leo Lukas, completed the foundation, framing and trusses.  Kris Edstrom and fellow parnter family, Crystal Linn, working with BCBS of MN.  Wells Fargo working in the rain to put up siding.  Little Damari adds his mark to an interior wall.  









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