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HOME: #111 The Nowak Family

Location: Hibbing

Date Started: September 01, 2022


We are partnering with Lynnette Nowak to build a simple, decent and affordable home in Hibbing.  Lynnette's home will be built in partnership with the Hibbing High School and Community College.  

The house plan has been selected and excavation will begin in August. 

“I am incredibly excited for the building season to begin. I look forward to learning as much as possible during the building of my home. One thing that I have taken from the previous Habitat for Humanity family partners that I have spoken with, who are now living in their new homes, is that they feel they learned so much in the building      process. They have a lot of confidence going forward to help maintain the property in the future. I haven't had much experience with construction of any kind but I plan on getting dirty, following directions and learning as much as I can in the process.  I already feel immense gratitude towards the volunteers who will be helping build my home, I certainly know it could not be achieved without them. I look forward to partnering with the schools in Hibbing, it is an incredible learning opportunity for them as well as me.” ~ Lynnette















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