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HOME: #109 The Busby Family

Location: Chisholm

Date Started: September 28, 2022

Felicia Busby and her daughter Nathalie are recycling a Habitat home in Chisholm.  This home came back into the program and Felicia is busy giving the interior walls a fresh coat of paint.  As soon as she completes her minumun sweat equity hours, we can close!  

Homeownership was not on Felicia’s mind until friends encouraged her to apply for the program.  As a child, she moved around a lot and never felt like she had a home.  Being able to partner with Habitat and provide a home for her daughter means the world to her.  “It feels really good knowing that I am able to give her something that I never experienced.”  Felicia is currently freshening up a home in Chisholm.  “I am so thankful this program exists and that there are kind people who donate and volunteer so that Habitat can keep helping families. Thank you.  ~ Felicia








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