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HOME: #99: The Satterwhite Family

Location: Ely

Date Started: July 01, 2020


Brittany Satterwhite along with her three girls Kiersten (age 6), Claire (age 5) and Kaitlyn (age 2) are rehabbing a home in Ely.  When asked what HOME means to them, this is what they said: 

Brittany:  HOME means a safe place. A place that I can raise my children. A place that I can take pride in because I’ve worked hard to build it up and make it what it is. Having a HOME means I no longer have to worry about when I’ll have to move next and my children can build roots.  Kiersten: I'm happy to have a bed to sleep in, toys to play with, food to eat and I love my mommy. That's what home means to me.  Claire: A place to keep all my toys that I love and be with my momma.  Kaitlyn: We stay home and play and go to bed.










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