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HOME: #98: The Johnson-Victor Family

Location: Gilbert

Date Started: July 01, 2020


Benjamen Johnson & Sarah Victor along with their three children Erick (age 12), Ella (age 9) and Elijah (age 4) recently broke ground on their project in Gilbert.  Excavation will soon begin and Ben and Sarah are ready to learn more about the build process and gain new skills that will be valuable when they own their home.  The entire family looks forward to having a place to call home and more yard space.  The COVID-19 pandemic has made them want a safer home more than ever.  To them HOME means family. 

Upon learning that they had been accepted into the program, Sarah “almost cried!  I was so relieved and we called all of our family members and friends!”  Looking ahead at the changes they will experience, Benjamen said, “My daughter will have her own room and the boys will have a guy space.  I feel we all will be happier with more space and a yard and a home to call our own.”











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