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An Opportunity to Experience and Express Godís Love

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Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful organization, offering folks the privilege of working together to build a home for someone they may or may not know. This organization is much more than just local folks working with each other, it extends beyond the borders of our country, even beyond our continent; Habitat for Humanity is a global ministry. This offers us the opportunity to work with people in many countries around the world. True, we may not be able to actually rub shoulders with people building in other countries, but the purpose Habitat for Humanity is the same in every corner of the world as it is here in North St. Louis County, that is, to build simple, decent, affordable homes for families in need.

Our involvement with North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity at the Evangelical Covenant Church of Cook as been with the two homes built in our community. It was a joy to build along side folks from other churches and along side folks not involved in a church. Building was an opportunity to physically, mentally, and spiritually experience and express God’s love. Jesus himself had a background in carpentry with His earthly father, Joseph, a carpenter, and God, His heavenly Father, the ultimate builder. So in a manner of speaking, we enjoy rubbing shoulders with Jesus as we worked—true to all Habitat volunteers. This work was truly an expression of love as we built along side families who otherwise may not have had the ability to own their own home. This work encouraged us to look within our own hearts at God’s love for us and for others, specifically those for whom we were building.

The Habitat for Humanity ministry extends even beyond the build site! One of the gals from our church organized meals for the builders. This connected her with the others from our own church, but beyond that, it connected her and other folks in our community with God. This too uniquely brought people together in work and then enjoying each other’s company over the great food prepared.

A time with God was also set aside as work began each day in devotion. This was our time to be aware of God’s presence and blessing on the work were doing and to ask for His protection in work with ladders, scaffolds and various power tools being used on the build site. It was heart warming to say the least as we joined together as God’s children using our abilities to provide a home for a family in our community.

As we came together to work, we realized the abilities varied from those who were professional builders to those who had little if any building experience. This offered the joy of helping each other, at times teaching, at times learning, while always working toward completion of the home, Often this kind of togetherness is referred to fellowship, which, with out question, it certainly was. As we built and visited over work, we were able to honor God in all we did. Habitat for Humanity offers a beautifully unique opportunity to minister to others while helping our neighbors realize the dream of homeownership.

Lord, thank you for this privilege!

-Rev. Reuben Rosnau