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NSLCHFH at Habitat on the Hill

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I decided to participate in Habitat on the Hill, which was held on February 18, because I believe in Habitat, I was willing to try something new, and it had been awhile since I have been in the Capital. After two hours of "Intro to Lobbying" training, all of us new lobbyists, in teams of four, were ready try out our new skill. It was a busy day at the Capital, because both the House and the Senate were deliberating the reinstatement of GAMC benefits. Therefore we had to be flexible, willing to adjust to different times and places for meetings, as well as patient, waiting for the chance we may be able to speak with a legislator. Some meetings with Senators and Representatives were held in their offices, but we also met with several legislators in Capital hallways. One of our objectives was to tell our elected representatives about the importance of the Challenge Fund (CRV) and ask that the Housing Finance Agency not be subjected to further budget cuts, but the reality of the Minnesota budget crisis was on the minds of all legislators. Our other objective was to explain how the SAFE Act will impact Habitat's ability to continue to provide no interest mortgages. This was an easier discussion, since it didn't involve asking for money. It was wonderful to hear how much our legislators already know about Habitat, and how sympathetic they are to Habitat's mission.

Submitted by Caroline Owens
North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity Board President