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Virginia High School Build Update

Posted: 0000-00-00 00:00:00

The Virginia High School Construction Class is well on their way to completing its first remodel project with NSLCHFH. This combined effort is an example of Career and Technical Education and Service Learning at its finest. Students are solving real-life problems with “hands on learning” while remodeling the home, They are applying their math skills on a daily basis in figuring square footage, linear feet, angles, and engineering structures. Reading skills continue to develop as students are required to read highly technical material such as user manuals for machines and equipment needed for the project.


Service learning is also a component as they connect classroom learning with identified need in their community. Service learning is a teaching method that enriches learning by engaging students in meaningful service to their schools and communities. Students apply academic skills to solving real issues, linking established learning objectives with genuine needs. They lead the process, with adults as partners, applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills to concerns such as affordable housing.

-Shannon Malovrh
East Range School to Work and Tech Prep Partnership
Career and Technical Education and Service Learning Coordinator