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Hospitality in Abundance

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Over the summer and through this fall construction volunteers at the work site for Shannon Hendricks’ home have been blessed with lunches served by the ladies of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. They provide meals three and sometimes four times a week for our hungry volunteers! The ladies at St Paul’s ask for nothing in return except for the joy of serving. In fact, they probably wouldn’t want me writing this article but we all feel they deserve recognition.
The story begins a few years ago when a neighboring parishioner of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church wanted to donate her house to the church. Through a series of events the house along with another house next to it were donated to the City of Virginia with the understanding that the homes, which were in severe disrepair, would be demolished and then the land given to Habitat for Humanity.  
Meanwhile, during a newsletter folding event, Joie Swenson, a St Paul’s Episcopal congregation member, began chatting with a prospective homeowner, Shannon Hendricks. Shannon began telling Joie where her house was going to be built, right next to the Episcopal Church. This got Joie thinking about how the church could help the Hendricks family. She decided to talk to her friends at church about providing meals for the workers during the building process. Little did she know how much of an impact and a blessing she and her friends at the church would be to Shannon and the Habitat volunteers.
To date, the ladies of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church have served almost 800 meals to hungry volunteers working on Shannon Hendricks home. They are a quiet and humble army, serving up not only a hot lunch but cheerful smiles and energy to keep the workers going through the day. We are all truly blessed to have been served so faithfully by these ladies. Please thank them next time you see them.


It is always a blessing to feed hungry volunteers.  Something about giving new energy to hard working hands and feet seems to warm the giver as much as those receiving.  A lunch for a Habitat volunteer group can be as simple as ham sandwiches, sloppy Joes, or some hot dogs and chips.  When prepared with love and care just about any lunch will keep volunteers on the build site and energized to go on!  Please call us at the Habitat office if you would like to join in this hospitality ministry, 218.749.8910 or toll free, 866.749.8910.