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Hurricane & Earthquake Relief & Recovery - How Can You Help?

Posted: 2017-09-01 11:11:14

Dear Habitat family, 

Thank you so much for all your concern and for your passionate desire to respond to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We are working diligently to plan a comprehensive, sustained response to recover and rebuild, but we don’t have details yet. Please follow the link below to read their most recent press release and to watch a video for the latest updates.


Jonathan T. M. Reckford

Chief Executive Officer, Habitat for Humanity International 


HFHI has set up a special fund for Harvey/Irma recovery. To support this fund, you can send a check to your affiliate.  We have attached a special coupon for this purpose – you can choose between Hurrican Harvey, Hurricane Irma and/or 2017 Hurricane Response funds . One hundred percent of your donation will be used to support the Hurricane relief work.  Because these funds will be used only for U.S. recovery work, they will not be eligible for tithe credit. We also ask that any funding you choose to send to the Hurriane relief fund be incremental to what you plan to otherwise tithe for Habitat’s work internationally. 

North St. Louis County Habitat for Humantiy can also accept your donation!  When making a donation please designate "Hurricane Harvey Relief" on your check or in the comments section on our online giving form, linked HERE. Thank you!


Are you a Trivent Financial Member?  Continue reading below for ways you can help via Thrivant.  

Hurricane Harvey, the most powerful Hurricane to hit Texas in more than 50 years has left a trail of destruction. Hundreds of thousands of people are affected, tens of thousands of homes are damaged or destroyed, and the emotional toll is immeasurable.

When tragic events like this occur, Thrivent Financial members want to know how they can help. As a membership organization of Christians committed to guiding members to be wise with money and live generously, Thrivent is supporting your generosity in the following ways:

$3 million match on personal donations*
Thrivent will match up to $3 million in personal donations made online through Thrivent.com to specific disaster relief organizations responding to Hurricane Harvey. The dollar-for-dollar match is open to Thrivent members and will lead to a total combined impact of up to $6 million. For more details and to see the list of organizations included in the match, visit the Disaster Response page on Thrivent.com.

Get involved in grassroots disaster relief by leading a Thrivent Action Team
Get your friends, family and coworkers to band together to help raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Harvey by forming a Thrivent Action Team. Use promo code “TX Hurricane,” and you’ll receive your Thrivent Action Kit ‒containing T-shirts, seed money and promotional materials ‒ 5 to 7 business days after approval. Get started.

Direct Choice Dollars® 
Thrivent Choice® lets eligible members recommend where Thrivent distributes some of its charitable outreach funding. If you have Choice Dollars available to direct, please consider selecting enrolled organizations helping in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Learn more.