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Bikers raise funds and awarness for six more families to become homeowners!

Posted: 2013-06-07 14:23:47

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Dear Friend of Habitat,

             Spring took its sweet time getting here this year!  This fact was very evident for our Habitat 500 bike riders starting the training necessary for the 500 miles that will be ridden in seven days to raise funds and awareness for six Habitat projects in the Northland.  As we have ventured out on two and four wheels, abundant pot holes and rough pavement have created many obstacles that threaten to bust tires and wear out shocks!

             Cyclists are keenly aware of rough roads.  Even while driving we are observing the way ahead and thinking, “this road would be very difficult, even painful to ride a bike on!”   For cyclists, rough roads cause flats, jar joints and disrupt the “comfortable feeling” of a small bike seat!

Our partner families have faced many difficulties on their journey to finding adequate shelter.  “Pot holes” such as mold, unsafe living conditions, life events and substandard, overpriced apartments make the way ahead seem hopeless and harsh.  Our Habitat homeownership application includes the question, “Why do you need a Habitat home?”  Some of the answers to this question break my heart:

· “We stay in a very unhealthy environment that is too small for all five of us.”

· “I have a five year old who has many disabilities.  He cannot walk yet because I do not have the necessary room for his equipment and the carpet in our apartment is not suitable for a walker.”

·  “I would like to be able to buy a home so that my children can feel secure and be raised in the same place rather than moving all the time to try to find a better neighborhood and house.”

· My daughter and I currently live in a one bedroom apartment.  I have converted the living room into my bedroom and my daughter has the bedroom.”

· “My son has to crawl up the stairs to use the bathroom since our home does not have a handicapped accessible facility on the first floor.”

· “I live in a very small home where my son and daughter have to share one bedroom.”

As I ride 500 miles my mind often turns to these statements for motivation.  Families have experienced many deep pot holes in their attempts to find a decent place to live.  As a Habitat 500 cyclist, the rough roads we face are temporary and serve as great reminders that we are riding to eliminate real obstacles that families face in meeting their basic need of a home.

We would like to invite you to help us clear the path for six families to get out of substandard housing situations this year.  You can help them with the stability, safety and sustainability that a Habitat home can provide. Your donation will help pave the way to a better life!  Please check out the stories of our six families and the riders who are raising funds and awareness for them.  Your generosity will make a big difference in these families lives this year.




Nathan Thompson, Executive Director


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 Thank You!