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The Deutsch Partner Family: Virginia

Posted: 2008-05-24 11:16:10

We are living in a tiny four bedroom garage apartment. Its small, only has one exit, it is cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer. We share our yard with four other families and nine dogs. I had heard about Habitat in previous years and didn’t truly understand the mission but knew I needed to apply. Another Habitat partner family also encouraged me to put in my application so I went to the website and applied in May of 2007. I wanted more for my kids than living in an apartment. I wanted them to have a yard, their own home to always come back to, and responsibilities in keeping up their own place. When we got a call from the Family Selection committee to tell us that we had been selected, I was shocked and excited. I was told where the lot was located and brought the kids to walk on their future yard. They were like, “Really? Are you sure.” It was an awesome day!

~Deniese, Jordan, Caine, and Morgan