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The Firebaugh Partner Family: Hibbing

Posted: 2008-05-24 11:08:45

We both made some serious mistakes and poor choices with our credit early in our lives and failed to realize the impact it would later have. We worked with the AEOA and St. Louis County to help us get back on track. We heard about Habitat for Humanity through an AEOA workshop and were encouraged to apply for a home.

We didn’t apply right away because it just seemed too good to be true. We finally did apply in hopes of doing something we thought to be beyond our reach…owning our own home. That sounded so nice! A yard for our daughter, Madison and her new baby brother Samuel to play in, a place to call our own, a step in the right direction. When we found out we were getting the opportunity to partner with Habitat to make our dream come true, we pretty much flipped right out! We still find ourselves in disbelief sometimes but we are so excited to get busy building and to keep moving forward into this next chapter in our lives.

Thank you so much, Johnathan, Kimberly, Madison and Samuel