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The Westin Partner Family: Soudan

Posted: 2008-05-24 11:06:37

Having a stable place to call home for my kids is the biggest thing that I am looking forward to as I begin working with Habitat for Humanity to build my house.
My family has had to move six times in the last three years. Some of the time I had to rely on my friends to have a place to stay. I first heard about Habitat for Humanity through Range Women’s Advocates and then my hair dresser at Barb’s Cutting Edge encouraged me to apply so I did.
When I heard that my family was selected to be the homeowner for the Soudan project I was in shock! My kids and I can hardly believe our dream of having a stable place to call home will soon come true.

The reality of owning my home is setting in slowly as plans are moving forward to start construction this summer.

~Julie, Jake and Erica Westin