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AmeriCorps *VISTA Energizing our Relationships with Churches

Posted: 2008-04-19 00:00:00

Habitat for Humanity proclaims that every house we build is a sermon of God’s love. It is our Christian faith that motivates us and enables our mission. Habitat for Humanity is a servant of the church, offering the people of God a concrete way to put their faith into action and to answer God’s call to serve our neighbors in need.
Since last fall, I have been searching for like minded individuals to become members of the Church relations Committee. It would be a one year commitment with one planned meeting a month (currently at 10:30 AM on the 3rd Thursday of the month) plus a few hours each month devoted to developing stronger church partnerships.

Currently our group has five devoted members. One thing we lack is membership from outside the Quad City area. Our goal is to grow in size and strength to be able to improve our ministry opportunities with the community of faith. Currently we have partnered with 65 of the 128 churches in our communities to minister to families in need of decent shelter. Please consider this YOUR invitation to put your faith into action, by committing a few hours a week to help Habitat for Humanity’s Christian ministry grow. Even if you are not able to join the committee, consider being a liaison between Habitat and your church to schedule a Habitat ministry day! Call me at (866) 749-8910 or Email Me at vista@nslchfh.org.

~ Marion Gianlorenzi