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Jon Siman ~ Generating Funding for Affordable Housing

Posted: 2008-05-28 10:57:42

Anticipating my sixth Habitat 500 bicycle ride, I’m faced with potentially another unique outing. As you can see by my photo, both the rider and the conditions look less than optimal. The latter obviously is about global warming, and the former is how goofy I will look at this year’s ride if I am not in good physical condition. With just over a month and a half left to train, I am hoping my fairly regular trips to my 24/7 fitness center will offset a long winter.

One thing that is not dependent upon the weather or my readiness to ride is the purpose for making the effort, generating funding for affordable housing in North St. Louis County. Our affiliate has raised more money in the 15 year history of the Habitat 500 than any other affiliate in Minnesota with the exception of Twin Cities Habitat! This fact would not have occurred if it were not for the generosity of our donors.

Thank you for helping Habitat partner with families to experience the blessing of home ownership.

~ Jon Siman, Eveleth, MN