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Posted: 2008-06-02 10:41:17


The Board of Directors has approved a challenging plan for our affiliate to build five homes with five families in need of affordable housing in the 2008 construction season. We will be building for the first time in Aurora this year. We are excited to find new volunteers, establish new partnerships, as well as work with our committed base of volunteers on the East Range. Wells Fargo will also be sponsoring this build with funds and volunteers. The Wells Fargo foundation and local banks have also committed to assisting us with our projects in Hibbing and Midway.

Construction has already begun on the Midway home. We are looking forward to continuing our many partnerships with businesses, churches and individuals as this home is built.
Another first time Habitat for Humanity project will be built in Soudan. Breitung Township has greatly helped the project by providing a lot on which to build this affordable home. Volunteers who worked on the nearby Tower home, built in 2006, are excited about another Habitat home being built in the area, and are already working with Soudan volunteers to clear the lot.

Two homes are scheduled to be built in Hibbing this year. The first will begin in June and is being sponsored by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Wood building materials that have been taken from sustainable forests will be donated to the project. The second home will start in September and will be built by Chisholm, Hibbing and Nashwauk High School students along with the Hibbing Community College Carpentry classes, through the Applied Learning Initiative. This project is also sponsored by the United Youth for United Way , as it will be providing a great learning experience for the students.

We are very grateful for this team of riders who will work hard to train and then ride 500 miles to help raise awareness and funds for these Habitat projects. Please consider making a donation to sponsor these riders in their efforts to raise funds for these five families’ homes in our communities.

~ Nathan Thompson, Executive Director