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International Day of Prayer for Habitat

Posted: 2008-09-22 00:00:00

On Sunday September 21st voices from all over the world joined Habitat for Humanity in a Day of Prayer for people in need of shelter.

The Day of Prayer was established in 1983 as an annual effort to make adequate housing a matter of conscience in the faith community. Prayer is not a meaningless exercise. It is an important part of the response of people of faith to human suffering. Thanks to all who joined Habitat last September as our prayers echoed across the world and from those prayers; may we prompt action and renew hope.

Through prayer, Habitat for Humanity continues to make a dramatic difference in the lives of people around the world. Many volunteers are drawn to this ministry after hearing God’s call and seeking God’s guidance through prayer. Other prayers are answered when families and communities grow in the shelter of God’s grace. The hurdles of funding and building homes can be overcome through the miracles of prayer. Thank you for praying with and for Habitat.