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Westin Update

Posted: 2008-08-28 10:26:06

Dick Johnson, Julie Westin, Earl Zimmerman, Don Johnson, and Don Housenga pause from building for a photo at the Soudan Habitat home on August 13, 2008


The same wonderful crew of volunteers who built the home in Tower with Troy Swanson in 2006 have teamed up with many new additions to build the first Habitat for Humanity home in Soudan.

Volunteer project coordinator Rod McPeak (board president) and volunteer building supervisor Earl Zimmerman are working hard to keep the many volunteers busy with a building schedule that includes most weekdays. Please check the website for contact information for Rod and Earl as well as volunteer opportunities. A wonderful partnership between the volunteers and Julie and her children has formed keeping both muscles and hearts warm as the home progresses rapidly.

Breitung township donated a building site and helped bring in fill, which allowed volunteers to have the foundation forms already installed by the time the ground breaking was held on June 29th. A generous in-kind donation of labor from Dave Broten Construction, who brought in his crew to pour and finish the concrete, kept the project on schedule.

The project is currently in the sheetrock finishing stage with interior trim, doors, cabinets, and flooring still on the agenda for volunteers to complete.