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Preaching with a Hammer

Posted: 2008-10-17 10:08:25


Helping for Habitat for Humanity was new for me. I heard about it years ago when Jimmy Carter first began advocating for Habitat, though I never got much involved. But when Joe and Kathy were approved for the house in Aurora, they asked us to be their host church.

The first time I helped was the first day of construction on the house. The day before we had celebrated the ground breaking ceremony on the concrete slab. For the Blitz Build a construction crew donated their time for an entire day. They had already put up both the house frame and the roof by the time I arrived in the afternoon (I work another job during the week so I couldn't be there until 2:30 in the afternoon). I thought that I wouldn't be any help since I am not so great at construction. But I offered my help anyways and was amazed at what happened. I helped put in four windows and the exterior trim around them. I also put the siding up on one wall. In just over three hours I did all of this. Amazing! Then I volunteered a Saturday and, with a much smaller crew of ten or so, put up drywall. I was again amazed at what I was able to contribute. I loved it. It was work, yet it felt good.

I was helping a family own their very own home.

I drive by Joe and Kathy's house once and awhile in Aurora, and I smile knowing that I had a very small part in building it. I am very proud at having been a part of this Habitat project. I encourage anyone thinking of helping to please take the first step and volunteer. Even if you have to go alone. I did - and I was enriched and blessed for helping.

Pastor Derrick DeTurk
Aurora, MN

Pastor DeTurk of the Assembly of God Church in Aurora has spent several days building with Habitat. We thank him for his time and energy and for sharing his story with us here.