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High School House Update

Posted: 2008-10-30 09:46:51

The Firebaugh home in Hibbing is moving right along thanks to the amazing energy and commitment of the Hibbing, Nashwauk Keewatin, and Chisholm High School students.

One of the teachers leading this project,Thad Johannessohn, Nashwauk Keewatin Instructor, shares with us:

"This September marked the start of a program which had been conceptualized about a year ago. After several meetings and brain storming sessions by instructors and administrators of the Hibbing Community College, Hibbing High school, Nashwauk Keewatin High School, Chisholm High School and representatives of the trades, several ideas came together culminating into the program we simply call the ALI (Applied Learning Institute) House Building Project. One of the ideas involved contacting Habitat for Humanity to see if there was some way we could utilize the wide variety of groups involved to not only give the students an incredible learning opportunity, but at the same time help with a community project. Habitat seemed like the perfect fit. Through the partnership with Habitat and all the groups involved we had an agreement, a family in need, and House to build.

Starting right away in September our students have been at the site ready to work. With the help and guidance of Harold Wentland from Habitat, the students prepared the site and the forms for the concrete slab. It was interesting to see how some of the students were excited about certain parts of the project. Some of the students took an interest in the concrete preparations; some were more interested in the plumbing, and some again in the mechanical side of things. The Local 633 masons union came to conduct the pour, but they also took the time to talk to our students about their trade and the construction field in general.

During the past couple of weeks we were able to get the house framed up, roofed, and are now in the process of getting it enclosed. The students from Hibbing Community College’s electrical program have started the wiring, and we are looking forward to heat courtesy of the college’s HVAC department.

The highlight of the project so far was the first time the students from the three high schools came together for the day to set the trusses. As rivalries are usually promoted between schools it was refreshing to see the students interacting and working together as a team."