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Recipes for Financial Fitness

Posted: 2009-02-17 08:45:15

Habitat International has launched a new program as part of "Habitat Learns", particularly practical in these strained economic times. NSLC Habitat Homeowners will take this course in addition to their homeownership class. But Habitat International has also made it available for everyone!



Recipes for Financial Fitness is a new toolkit for anyone wanting to learn or teach others how to manage their personal finances. The Recipes for Financial Fitness Toolkit offers 100 “recipes” of useful information and practical advice on topics such as:


  • Credit, Credit Scores and Credit Problems
  • Controlling Spending and Saving
  • Owning a Home
  • Finding a Good Job
  • Protecting Money and Identity
  • Getting an Education

You can use the toolkit in two ways:

  • Each recipe is organized into lessons with interactive worksheets, quizzes and links to online resources.
  • It can also be used as a self-help course. Begin with the assessment of your current finances and use each recipe as a step-by-step guide toward optimal financial fitness.

The Recipes for Financial Fitness Toolkit was developed with guidance from Habitat staff and partner families. It is made possible through a generous donation from, and in collaboration with, the National Endowment for Financial Education. Habitat for Humanity and NEFE have partnered for over 12 years to provide Habitat families with the tools they need to become financially secure.


Click here to launch the Recipes for Financial Fitness Toolkit or visit http://www.habitat.org/habitat_learns/nefe/index.html.