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Habitat 500 Training Tip #3

Posted: 2009-02-23 14:16:52


Pleasure – biking is fun, bikers are fun, getting off of the bike after 500 miles… priceless


When I say that the Habitat 500 is the highlight of my summer I am not kidding. You probably already know this because I tend to talk about bikes and Habitat quite a lot. This event encompasses two things that I love and puts them all together in a week long event.

Yes my garage is filling up with bikes, whether I bring them home from the dump because they look lonely, buy them from Good Will and fix them up, or purchase them from Bike’s on Howard (they know me on a first name basis), bikes have become a bit of a passion. My only rule is not to get so many that I don’t have time to ride them all. Sara, my wife’s rule is not more than one new bike per year!

This year I was able to get a bike that got me down the road in style, a Rans Velocity Squared Formula 26. Sounds impressive don’t it. I think I will need to hold off buying new bikes for a few years now that I have added this bike to my collection! The bike performs like a dream, now all I have to do is get the motor in better shape and I can really go fast.

The Habitat 500 is a bit of a family reunion as 60% of the riders have done it several times. When we arrive at the starting line it is a bit of a family reunion as we catch up with other cyclist that we haven’t seen for a year. These are wonderful people who also have a passion for volunteerism and working to help families with the basic need of building a simple, decent and affordable home.

-Nathan Thompson
Executive Director
written after the 2007 Habitat500

If you are inspired to get out and bike for Habitat, visit http://www.habitat500.org/ to learn more and register today! Or call 866.749.8910 or email habitat@nslchfh.org to sponsor a rider for NSLC Habitat!