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Devotion: Walking...Building...with God

Posted: 2009-02-25 13:45:46

as Christ has also loved us...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Ephesians 5:2KJV

Building a home is both an exciting and stressful time. There are a many decisions, and some must be made immediately. Time must be carefully managed as one balances the build process with family and careers.
I started the building process for my Habitat home in 2003, and we moved in October of 2006. There were some setbacks for my family. We discovered there were no sewer and water hook-ups at the first build site selected. It was so disappointing. If it were not for my faith and the people around me to help through this time, I would have given up. I even thought at one point that building with Habitat for Humanity was not the road I was supposed to travel. I prayed about it and realized that things do not always happen when we want them to happen; they happen in God’s time. If we wait for God to do his work, he sends not only the good, but the best. I decided to keep going. We found another lot and the building process began.


The framing company came, and in just one weekend we had a house. It was amazing to both see and actively experience. Then the Caravaners came. As we insulated, hung sheet rock and installed siding, everything seemed to move quickly. It was so great to meet so many wonderful people. To think that these people give of their time to come and help others is just awesome.

Things started to slow down after the Caravaners left. As I started to think: “How will I get this done?” - God answered my prayers. People came, not hordes of people, but just enough to get the job done. God always sends what we need. When I think about this, I thank God he didn’t send hordes of people to help, because I came to know those who volunteered because we were a smaller group. We worked at our own pace and chatted and ate lunch together. This was the most rewarding part of building with Habitat for Humanity: getting to know the people who gave so generously of their time to help me and my kids build a home of our own. We always want things on our time, but God has a different schedule - his schedule - that will give you what you need, even if you didn’t know you needed it.

As I look back on my building experience with Habitat for Humanity, I have to say it was a stressful time, but most of all it was a rewarding time. It strengthened my faith as I walk with God on this journey; meeting new people and learning new building skills.

Prayerfully walk through your building process and your daily lives with God in the lead; finding the peace only God can give.


Lord, be Thou within me, to strengthen me;
without me, to keep me;above me, to protect me;beneath me, to uphold me;before me, to direct me;
behind me, to keep me from straying;round about me, to defend me.Blessed be Thou, our Creator, for ever and ever.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Psalm 46:10

-Sharon Jacka
Habitat Homeowner

Sharon Jacka is an active member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Cook. She built a Habitat home in 2005 and has continued to volunteer. We thank her for all the love and energy she has donated, and for sharing her Habitat story here. She also shared with us the prayer from Pslams. She found it marked in her mother's Bible just as she was writing this devotion.