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Habitat500 Training Tip #10

Posted: 2009-04-13 00:00:00

Possessions – you can live with less if what you have is truly what you need.

The right equipment is essential. Too much stuff is a drag. I quickly learned to only take what I need on the bike. Why carry an extra 5lbs of stuff I don’t need for 500 miles. A good bike, a couple of water bottles, spandex bike shorts (you get blisters in places you don’t want to speak of if you don’t wear them, it is worth the silly way they look), a breathable biking jersey, biking shoes, and quick drying socks. Other than one or two t-shirts and shorts to wear at camp at night that is all you need. You quickly learn that when you get into camp you step in the shower with all your cloths on and soap up. Half way through your shower you take off your now laundered bike clothes and rinse them out before finishing up. This way you take a shower and do laundry at the same time. By the time morning roles around your biking clothes are dry and ready for another day. You really learn that less is more and sometimes life is quite good when you keep it simple. This is a lesson that is difficult to apply in the real world but really does work if you can manage to implement some of it at least.

Our Habitat homes are simple yet adequate. By keeping them simple we keep them affordable. They are still very nice homes that meet family’s needs. We are able to do this by keeping to the things that are truly needed in a home and leaving out such things as fireplaces, garages, Jacuzzi tubs etc.

-Nathan Thompson
Executive Director
written after the 2007 Habitat500

If you are inspired to get out and bike for Habitat, visit http://www.habitat500.org/ to learn more and register today! Or call 866.749.8910 or email habitat@nslchfh.org to sponsor a rider for NSLC Habitat!