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Construction Committee Planning Meeting

Posted: 2009-03-14 10:42:13

It's cold and the snow is still deep, but the NSLCHFH Building Committee has begun to gear up for the coming building season.

The Building committee met recently to discuss this year's project timeline, begin finalizing house floor plans, and lining up contractors. We plan to begin the building season as soon as the frost goes out in Babbitt. The Babbitt home will be a new construction project with partner family Carmen Laine. The Thrivent Builds home is scheduled to begin in early June with partner family Angela Curry. Our Hibbing volunteers are getting ready to begin construction of the VanAnda’s home in the Kitzville community by early July. August is the anticipated start of Heather Jackson’s home in Aurora.

In September we hope to lay the foundation for a second Applied Learning Institute (ALI) home in partnership with the Chisholm, Hibbing and Nashwauk-Keewatin High Schools and the Hibbing Community College. The ALI project will progress through the 2009-2010 school year. The construction committee is also looking into the possibility of beginning a rehab project late in the fall in Virginia that would be completed in the 2010 building season.

We are still in the process of reviewing last year's house costs to calculate this year's square foot price. We will also be reviewing the design criteria to determine if there needs to be any changes. Our goal of decent and affordable housing requires that we constantly look for ways to cut waste and improve energy efficiency.

We also discussed site supervisors for the projects planned in Babbitt, Aurora, Eveleth and Hibbing. We are always looking for volunteer site supervisors who have some basic skill in house construction and would be willing to commit some time.

If you are interested in helping in this area but do not feel that you can commit to weekly volunteering, consider joining one of our supervisory teams. As a team, at least one person is responsible to be on site for building days. Other duties and responsibilities can be apportioned according to time and experience. Please consider joining one of our building project teams.

-Doug Gettle
Construction Committee Chair

Tom Krause (Virginia), Nathan Thompson (Gilbert), Harold Wentland (Hibbing), Jim Flanagan (Aurora), Ed Casey (Aurora), Brian Birk (Tower and Aurora), Jon Siman (Eveleth), and Joe Bonach (Eveleth, not pictured) gathered with Doug in late February to begin organizing for the coming build season. We thank them for the hours they have donated to Habitat and to their communities.