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Habitat500 Training Tip #6

Posted: 2009-03-16 10:32:36

Partners – Habitat families we do this for, Habitat 500 support staff that makes the ride possible

One thing I keep in mind as I practice and ride all these miles is the families which we are doing it for. I know what it is like to work hard and still struggle to provide a simple, decent and affordable shelter for your family to live in. We have lived in situations that were not so simple, decent and affordable. Kind folks helped my family in the process of finding adequate shelter and it is a privilege to work daily to help others as other helped us. We call Habitat families partner families because they work together with us to build their homes. We give them the extra hand that they need so that they can help themselves and their families.

One thing that strikes me while riding 500 miles is that it would be very difficult or impossible to do so without all the great support volunteers who assist us on the ride. We have: safety crew, rout marking crew, rest stop crews (Sara volunteers daily to set up and manage rest stop #1), camp set up crew, massage therapists, bike mechanic, a nurse or two, and volunteers that provide breakfast and supper every day. These people help us ride 500 miles just as we help Habitat partner families build their homes.

-Nathan Thompson
Executive Director
written after the 2007 Habitat500

If you are inspired to get out and bike for Habitat, visit http://www.habitat500.org/ to learn more and register today! Or call 866.749.8910 or email habitat@nslchfh.org to sponsor a rider for NSLC Habitat!