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VISTA Notes: Church Relations Invitation

Posted: 2009-03-17 10:27:15


I am so excited to be working with the thoughtful and dynamic Church Relations Committee. We have made incredible strides, built on the past year of discussion and foundation building. We have defined our Committee Purpose and Strategy and are already making progress towards our goals (you can find our Church Relations Plan on the Habitat blog).

Our goals focus on avenues of communication between our affiliate and area churches. The second edition of the Faith Partner Press was recently printed and another newsletter is already in process. We have also just delivered the latest in a new series of posters. Many churches are already partnering with Habitat in posting them. And we are about to launch another new program to connect church partners with NSLC Habitat: Build Apostles!

Build Apostles, using whatever gifts or strengths they already posses and knowing the resources of their congregation, connect ministries of their church with the ministry of Habitat for Humanity. They are enthusiastic servants of Christ who will serve as a contact between North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity and their church in simple but effective ways.

We invite you to volunteer as a Build Apostle, to subscribe to the quarterly Faith Partner Press, or to serve on the Church Relations Committee. Please email vista@nslchfh.org for more information.

-Meagan Esterby
AmeriCorps VISTA