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Habitat500 Training Tip #11

Posted: 2009-04-20 00:00:00

Peace – when you are focused on the task at hand the cares and anxieties of this world have no foothold

Often we are caught up in all the great things there are to worry about: the economy, pressures of what people think, politics, and the day to day challenges that face us. On the Habitat 500 there is not much else that occupies your mind other than putting one pedal in front of the other. You need to focus like this to get the job done. The side affect that comes with such focus on the task at hand is a peace of mind that can sometimes be hard to find in the real world. Focusing on the task at hand though sometimes easier said than done, really does accomplish the task along with eliminating some of the pitfalls of anxiety that we tend to find ourselves in.

I pray that this long letter finds you at peace, focusing happily on the tasks that God has at hand for you.

-Nathan Thompson
Executive Director
written after the 2007 Habitat500

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