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Habitat500 Training Tip #8

Posted: 2009-03-30 09:02:31

Perseverance – the ride is a challenge, a personal test, character builder, one pedal in front of the other kind of event.

The Habitat 500 is not a race it is a ride. It is not about getting there fast but enduring to the finish. In essence it is a seven day marathon. I am surprised that your state mind has a lot to do with your success as you deal with the psychological fears of what day two or day six might bring. The main thing is to keep the pedals going over one stroke at a time till you are done.

I pedal at 85 strokes a minute at an average speed of 12.5 miles an hour. 500 miles at 12.5 miles an hour translates into 40 hours of pedaling. 40 hours or, 2400 minutes of pedaling, times 85 pedal strokes a minute equals 204,000 times that your pedals need to turn over

Though you have time to do such mathematical equations in your head while pedaling up a mile long hill it is better to just take it one pedal stroke at a time. This is a great life lesson for perseverance. The same kind of perseverance that people need to keep working, saving and trying to build a safer and more stable home for their families to live in.

-Nathan Thompson
Executive Director
written after the 2007 Habitat500

If you are inspired to get out and bike for Habitat, visit http://www.habitat500.org/ to learn more and register today! Or call 866.749.8910 or email habitat@nslchfh.org to sponsor a rider for NSLC Habitat!