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Habitat500 Training Tip #13

Posted: 2009-05-04 16:41:41

Looking back to past rides we found this fun letter. It was written by Nathan’s daughter, Katie, after she rode in the Habitat500 when she was just 13 years old. Installment 2:

On the second day we got up even earlier. We had breakfast at the school. It was oatmeal. I liked it a lot and found that it was very filling. I was a little nervous about the longer day, but by the time we had reached rest stop one I was not worried. It was a really pretty ride and I was sooooo glad we had good weather. I remember that a train went by us and I thought that was cool.

My parents had decided that we were going to stay at our house that night so instead of finishing the trek to Virginia we went to our house. I got to eat ice cream bars and take a shower in my own shower. Then my parents and I all drove to Virginia for the block party.

The block party was awesome. We got the best food ever. They had great music and loads to drink (I mean water.) We ate and talked for a long time until the mayor of Virginia and a lot of other important people spoke. It was very interesting. After it was done my parents and I went home.