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Habitat500 Training Tip #14

Posted: 2009-05-11 16:27:04

Looking back to past rides we found this fun letter. It was written by Nathan’s daughter, Katie, after she rode in the Habitat500 when she was just 13 years old. Installment 3:

On the third day you had the choice to build on the house or to ride 100 miles. Since my Dad needed to be at the house, and we were kind of tired we decided to build. Dad and I rode out to Virginia to start building.

There were about 30 other people there and we all put up four walls. It was really exciting to do, because I had never built on a house before. At about noon we got some hamburgers for lunch. They were good but we soon set out for Hibbing.

The ride to Hibbing was really pretty too. I liked the lake that they put the rest stop at. My dad and I almost fell over on a really tricky curve, but Dad caught us in time so we were ok. We saw this cool view at the top of Chisholm. Then we finally made it to Hibbing.

At Hibbing we had a good time. The news guys let me watch them again which was really cool. We had super good food including root beer floats. Then my mom dad and I all turned in.

Check back next week for the next installment of Katie’s letter!