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Introducing Habitat's Partner Families and Habitat 500 Bikers

Posted: 2009-05-20 15:30:21

The big Habitat 500 newsletter is in the mail! Look for it in your mailbox soon. Or check back each day to read one of the articles. This year our riders paired up with our partner families to together share and document their Habitat story. We hope you will enjoy the new collaborative format.

Dear friends of Habitat for Humanity,

Please don't feed the bike riders! This year's Habitat 500 bike ride starts in Fairbault, MN on July 12th. I'm not sure about the rest of the bike riders, but I'm not down to bike ride weight yet. The bikers will peddle through Rochester, Rushford, Grand Meadow, Albert Lea, and Lake Crystal. There are bound to be some significant hills, and each pound that a rider loses prior to the start of the ride is one less pound to get over the top of every one of those hills.

This year will be the tenth year for my son, Phillip, and I. By the end of the ride we will each have ridden 5,000 miles raising funds and awareness for Habitat for Humanity. Others are riding, too. It will be a new experience for some and not so new for others.

There are people in North St. Louis County who have given pledges for this ride for as long as we have been riding in it. Our affiliate has raised more than one hundred thousand dollars from the bike ride over the ten years. It is an important fund raising event for us. We have been able to raise as much as we have because we have a good crew of faithful bike riders and because we have enjoyed tremendous support from people like you.

Your support helps us build homes. This year we are building new homes in Aurora, Babbitt, Hibbing and West Eveleth. We will also extensively remodel a home in Virginia. Inside this newsletter you can read about this year's homeowner families. You can also read about those who have signed up to ride.

Perhaps you know one of the partner families and want to sponsor the people who are riding for that family. Perhaps you know one of the riders. Perhaps you don't know anyone involved in the ride, but you simply believe that people ought to have a simple, decent place to live, and you want to help make that happen. We don't always know why people support the bike ride, but we appreciate each and every person who sponsors a rider.

We appreciate any support that you will be giving us this year. We appreciate any support that you have given us in the past. Please pray for the safety of our volunteers, for our homeowners, and for our bike riders.

Thank you very much. I thank you on behalf of our riders, our volunteers and our homeowner families. Your support is essential and deeply appreciated. God bless you for all that you do.

Brian Birk