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Tackling a Build...and 500 miles

Posted: 2009-05-22 15:14:45

The Laine Partner Family, Babbitt • David Bergum, Ely

Habitat address:
37 Cypress in Babbitt
Sunday, May 17th at 2:00 pm

David Bergum of Ely is riding for the Laine family. Carmen, Ashley and Mark will be building their Habitat home in Babbitt this summer.

I rode my first Habitat 500 last year. It was a wonderful experience! I had just retired and was eager to spend my more abundant time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and training for the ride. I had never been able to commit the training time or the seven days for the ride while I was working. I grew up in Duluth and worked for forty years in Minneapolis before relocating to Raleigh, NC until my retirement in 2007. Since my retirement, I have been living at my 4 season cabin on the Stony River.

The things I enjoyed most about the Habitat 500 was riding through the beautiful Minnesota countryside, camping in community with the riders, meeting many of the riders from all over the US and learning about their lives. One of the best parts, though, was hearing the Habitat homeowner stories at the end of our evening assembly. Their wonderful stories motivated me even more to support Habitat for Humanity.

This year I am riding the Habitat 500 for Carmen Laine of Babbitt. I just met Carmen for the first time last Monday at the 37 Cypress build site in Babbitt. Carmen applied for a Habitat house in early 2006. The anticipation has been building throughout the long planning process. She said, “My kids and I are all getting very excited to start the build process. It is going to be a big task, but we are ready to tackle it”

Carmen works at SATO Travel in Ely, so she is very familiar with highway 21! She has two great children: Ashley, age 8, and Mark, age 3. Even though they are too young to help during construction, Mark and Ashley have already found ways to get involved. Ashley loved helping fold fliers and stuffing envelopes.

“It will be the family home...It will feel good to say it is our house, not a house we are borrowing from someone else. It will just make us feel proud that we helped build it and live in it,” Carmen described.

I have heard many stories from Habitat families, so I know that Carmen's life is about to make a really big change for the good. She is very enthused about working on her house, having her own place and keeping things just right.

I am all psyched up to do my training now and be in the best shape I can be to ride for Carmen. One of my training rides will be commuting to Babbitt to work on Carmen's house in May and June. Construction will soon be in full swing.

I need you to help me so that Carmen's dream can become reality. You can do that by supporting me in my bike ride this July through your contribution to Dave Bergum, Rider #31, and by remembering me in your prayers for safe and injury free training through May, June and July, and during the Habitat 500 this July 12-18. Thank you for supporting the Laine family, Habitat for Humanity, and my 500 mile ride.