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The Green Team

Posted: 2009-05-22 15:12:09

North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota and Minnesota Power to build green. Molly Berg, a Green Building VISTA from Habitat Minnesota, is helping to advise our affiliate as we build to Minnesota’s Green Communities Guidelines in Aurora and Babbitt. These two homes, together with our Eveleth build, will also be certified Energy Star homes through Minnesota Power. Building green is good stewardship for our environment and natural resources. This effort will also boost our fundraising for these homes since the affiliate will receive grants from Habitat Minnesota and the Wells Fargo Foundation and rebates from Minnesota Power. The energy savings that these homes will provide to our homeowners also plays a large part in the sustainability of our homeowners as they are able to afford to heat these homes for years to come. Visit http://www.habitat.org/hw/march_2006/feature4.html to learn more about the ways Habitat builds green.