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A Note from Nathan: Planting Hope

Posted: 2009-05-26 14:44:30

This is the time of year to plant seeds. Yes, even though we have seen a few snowflakes falling in May, the ground is starting to warm and is ready to accept our favorite seeds. For some, it is tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. My favorite seeds to plant are GIANT sunflowers.

Putting seeds in the ground gives us hope! We have hope that warmer days are ahead and that these little seeds planted in the ground will germinate and begin to grow and mature. I feel tremendous satisfaction in seeing 12 foot tall sunflowers with massive yellow flowers reaching up to follow the sun. I love to sit in the warm days of August and watch the yellow finches hang upside down on seed laden flowers to pick out a tasty treat. It is a wonder to contemplate this miraculous process. From the seeds I planted to God’s generous supply of water and sunshine, the result is a beautiful plant that in turn provides for the needs of my little feathered neighbors.

The seeds of hope for better futures in safe and affordable homes are also being planted with five Habitat partner families this spring. The “ground” was prepared by dedicated volunteers who selected families and worked with them to get plans together to plant the “seeds” of foundations. As we hold ground breaking ceremonies, I am already looking forward to the miraculous process that God uses to nurture these projects through the generous actions of our wonderful donors and volunteers. We find motivation and energy throughout the building season by envisioning the hope in our partner families’ eyes at the dedication of their home.

This is going to be a challenging building season as we work to build a home with families in Aurora, Babbitt, Eveleth, Hibbing, and Virginia, but we are already witnessing God’s blessings as we start. I am so thankful for our partner families who put their trust in us as we embark on this journey to build a home together. I am thankful for these dedicated riders who are committing a better part of their summer to train, fundraise and ride 500 miles. I am thankful for every shower of blessing that we receive from donors and volunteers who contribute so faithfully. We could not build hope in these families lives without your generous support. Thank you!

- Nathan Thompson
Executive Director