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Habitat500 Training Tip #17

Posted: 2009-06-01 14:29:18

Looking back to past rides we found this fun letter. It was written by Nathan’s daughter, Katie, after she rode in the Habitat500 when she was just 13 years old. This is the 6th and final installment. We hope it has inspired laughter, joy, and a renewed sense of commitment in you as it has in us.

This was the last long day (day six) and I was feeling kind of sad that it was all bringing to come to a close. Riding was pretty easy because we got an early start and beat the wind by getting in at 12:00. At the school my parents went to get pizza and while they were gone jenny had found yoga the dog that belonged to the people at rest stop two so I began looking for them. A guy named Zach helped me find them, by the time my Mom and Dad got back with the pizza I realized I had not seen Chelsea or her little sister. When they came in they told me they had been at a water park. We played with Julian’s walkie talkies. It was fun. Then we all went in to the class room where Sam and Bjorn were. We were talking there and found out that Sam and Bjorn had gotten chased by a dog for 3 blocks and Julian was junior policeman. We ate supper and went to bed.

On the last day it was easy because we only had to go 40 miles and the one rest stop was good, I ate a bunch of liquorish. Then after a long ride my dad decided to stop at a gas station and get a sprite to celebrate. I was in a hurry because I wanted to say good buy to Chelsea and her sister before they left. But we still made in on time before they left. I said good buy to them and then they pulled out and headed back to North Dakota. There was a little ceremony before we left and Noelle, my cousin had brought Amy and Margie there along with my present. It was a really Big poster Just the kind they have in the Movie Theater. The picture was of Pirates of the Caribbean my aunt had got me it and had framed it.

Everyone was really nostalgic as we were leaving because we wouldn’t see each other for another year, but we did leave and I have very fond memories of a great adventure.

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